Gustav Klimt’s “The Tree Of Life”

Gustav Klimt is one of my all time favourite painters, I love his use of colours and abstract shapes, and also how his work is full of symbolism and can be interpreted in so many ways.

Gustav Klimt is an Austrian painter born in 1862 and has many world famous paintings such as “The Kiss” and the painting I plan on reviewing which is called “The Tree of life”. Klimt was thought to be a rebel who went against the norms of the academic way of painting because he had a strong sense of eroticism in his paintings.

Klimt painted “The Tree Of Life” in his golden era, At first glance I look at the painting and I feel like it gives off a strong sense of unity. I feel like this because of how there are two shapes on both sides and the tree in the middle and the branches weave them selves into everything.

After reading up on this painting I came to realise just how many different interpretations there were of it, and also how much symbolism is inside this beautiful painting.

The tree of life is supposed to have a very important meaning. The painting has many ties to various different religions and cultures, which shows the source and continuation of mans life. I’m Christianity they have a similar tree in the middle of the garden of Adam and eve. And many other religions have tried to paint a similar tree but Gustav Klimt’s radiant colours and style has made his the most memorable.

The tree of life in Gustav Klimt’s painting is meant to be the tree that links the earth, Heaven and the underworld together. The way the trees roots go deep into the ground is meant to symbolise the strong presence of mother nature and the fruit and flowers that are growing on the tree branches is meant to show that life can be created from the tree. The black bird is meant to be the to symbolise death, it is said that many cultures see black birds are the symbol of death.

Another interpretation of the tree is that it is meant to symbolise the virtues of man like strength wisdom and beauty. The roots going into the ground is meant to mean the mans roots in his home, many believe the theory that man came from soil and will eventually return back to it.  The branches have been stretched out almost as if they are reaching to show how man tries to reach out for new opportunities.
Overall I think however you look at the painting it gives a feel of unity and a sense of the way mankind live. From the different colours and shapes it can be interpreted in a hundred ways.

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